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Naturopathy is really commonsense; help support the body/mind to restore equilibrium and well being through natural healing methods. These can include diet, cleansing, de-toxing, exercise, massage, meditation, counselling acupuncture, osteopathy and so on.

The idea is that as the body/mind can fall sick through exposure to unhealthy foods, mercury fillings, antibiotics, unhealthy relationships, and so on, it can equally restore its vitality and balance through natural therapeutic approaches.

An analogy for this approach is all around us. Air polluted with diesel fumes, exacerbate/create diseases such as lung disease and asthma. Polluted seas create unhealthy fish, soil that is repeatedly laced with pesticides and chemical fertilisers produces cereals and vegetables of little nutritional value.

Humanity is now in a race against time to restore the natural health of its environment and the food it grows and rears to eat or risk its very existence. Policies are rapidly being put in place to restrict carbon emissions worldwide, to clean up plastic usage, to restrict/ban the use of diesel, plant more trees to help soak up excess carbon, try and encourage the preservation of rainforests and so on.

This is naturopathy on a global scale and possibly long overdue. But the same ideas can be applied individually and they also can potentially benefit our community and food industry.

The Naturopathic therapies I offer are:

  1. Colon Hydrotherapy – to help rid the large intestine of toxic build up.

  2. Deep Intestinal Cleanses – to help clean the whole of the intestinal tract

  3. Liver/Kidney Cleanses

  4. Infusions of high strength probiotics

  5. Implants including anti-parasite and anti candida

  6. Nutritional Programmes such as Eat Right For Your Type/IBS/SIBO/Candida

  7. Dietary Advice aimed at restoring our natural health and vitality

  8. Deep Tissue Massage – Chua K’a – to help release tension and trauma

  9. Counselling to help let go of emotional stress

  10. Meditation and breathing techniques for inner peace and well being

Naturopathic detractors will say it’s not a panacea for all ills and it’s not. There may be occasions where you need to take anti-biotics, have surgery, take anti-depressants, medication etc and thank goodness we have those treatments and options available. But equally the more we can do to maintain our natural health the less, hopefully, we will need to resort to drugs and surgery.

“I had been struggling since Uni. A series of chest infections when I was 20 years old led to several doses of antibiotics. Afterward my gut went into ‘melt-down’. I either had bloating and constipation or cramps and diarrhoea. I am so relieved I made the decision to have colon hydrotherapy. Having Colon hydrotherapy and making small changes to my diet, helped turn around what had become a chronic and debilitating condition. Now I have regular bowel movements, and my stomach is flat. It’s helped my skin too!” 


“I had been under a lot of pressure with work. I was drinking more, eating more, mainly to relieve the stress. My gut was permanently bloated and my energy levels were flat. I felt ‘old’ and my joints were starting to creak. Having colon hydrotherapy has given me a new lease of life. The bloating and gas have disappeared. I have tons more energy, my joints feel loose and my head feels clear. It has given me the boost I needed to get out of the vicious circle I was in. I’m eating and drinking sensibly again now. All this has helped my stress levels enormously. I couldn’t recommend it enough.”

/// MALE AGED 45

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