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We are trying to work, take/pick up the children from school, shop, see friends for supper and we feel grim. Our belly is swollen like a tight balloon, it feels tender to touch, we can’t fit into our normal clothes, anythingwe eat seems to make it worse...rings a bell?

One of the most common conditions that people need help with is bloating. It may sound like a symptom not worthy enough of concern but it can be chronic, distressing, uncomfortable and a sign of something more serious. Most of us will have experienced it at some point in our lives if not every week or every day! Bloating is a gut saying it is not happy and fortunately it is one of the easiest problems to treat with Colon Hydrotherapy and Nutrition Advice.

Many clients who suffer from bloating present with the umbrella term IBS, a label that has usually been given by their doctor which can embrace a multitude of sins. Trying to pin point the real cause can help resolve its negative effects long term.

Constipation is an obvious cause of bloating. Trapped faecal matter in the colon will be continually making gasses a little bit like a compost heap. Cleaning the colon with Colon Hydrotherapyand making appropriate dietary changes can have an enormous beneficial impact on the regularity of one’s bowel movements.

Food intolerances particularly to common allergens such as ‘normal’ wheat and cow’s milk dairy products can very easily produce excess gas. These are the triggers for classic IBS which basically means a gut that is irritated by what it is trying to digest. It means we are unable to successfully break down the food we eat making it a target for so called ‘bad’ bacteria and the gasses they throw off. We can experience diarrhoea, constipation and gas. Very often the root causes of these problems can be traced back to the prescription of antibiotics and other medications. These can leave the health of our gut bacteria compromised. However Colon Hydrotherapy together with infusions of High Potency Good Bacteria and a diet rich in pre and pro-biotics can help restore the balance and health of our intestinal flora.

Stress can inhibit the flow of normal digestive juices which we need to successfully breakdown the food we eat. Remember the time when an hour for lunch was the norm? It isn’t the case now. Most people I see and treat eat on the hoof, fairly rapidly, maybe grabbing a pre-packaged sandwich. The combination of these factors is almost certainly a recipe for gas! Colon Hydrotherapy can be very de-stressing. It’s as though the gut gives a big sigh of relief and lets go of all the worries and preoccupations it is holding on to! To suggest that the gut feels is no longer a strange thing to say. Latest research confirms that our bowel is literally full of neurotransmitters. It is a sensitive, thinking, feeling organ deserving of relaxation and respect - just like the rest of us!

Parasites can often mimic the symptoms of IBS which includes bloating. We all have parasites living off us in one way or another. Most of them are harmless and our body is able to keep them in check. However, those exotic trips abroad can often give you more than a dose of sunshine. We can be exposed to a whole range of foreign bacteria and parasites that can wreak havoc in our bodies. If you are experiencing an oscillation between constipation and diarrhoea with chronic bloating then you may have some pernicious parasite lurking in your gut. Fortunately taking the appropriate supplements together with Colon Hydrotherapy and implants of Anti-Parasitic tinctures can help combat these unwelcome creatures.

Fermentation can be acute and chronic. It basically means your diet is high in sugars of one sort or another and is continually giving off gasses. A classic example is the beer gut which sadly a lot of men develop over time. It is invariably linked to a diet high in starches, sugars, and alcohol. This can be the precursor to a whole host of diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Sugar addictions can also lead to a predominance of so called ‘bad’ bacteria. The most well known is Candida. We all have Candida, which is a yeast organism as opposed to a bacterium, but when it proliferates out of control it can bring with it a whole host of unwelcome symptoms including fatigue and brain fog. Dietary changes are paramount if you are presenting with these symptoms, together with regular Colon Hydrotherapy treatments and the taking of a range of high potency good bacteria orally and rectally.

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