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Walk into, sit with, or lie in Nature. Nature has to be the most accessible source of healing and restorative energy. Trees, grass, oxygen, sun-rays, chlorophyll and buzzing bees are meant to naturally emit the 582 hertz Solfeggio frequency. This vibration is often referred to as the Love or Miracle frequency. It is believed to have a tremendous positive effect on the human mind and body. This is my daily ‘go-to’ for rebalancing.

Best walks near me;

Stroud Water canal, Rodborough and Selsey Commons, Painswick Beacon.

Best ‘day out’ near me;

The Garden at Miserden – gorgeous gardens and breath-taking walks in stunning scenery.

They also run workshops which include Forest Bathing (September 16th)


Allow yourself time to indulge your creativity be it painting, reading, writing, singing, dancing etc. Whatever uplifts you and gives you a sense of joy and wellbeing.

My favourite creative activities are painting and poetry.

Favourite poets; Fiona Benson, Alice Oswald and John Burnside.

Here is pic of me beside Stroud Water Canal in Ryeford reading poetry for a poetry blog.


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